Winston Rodney

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" My Roots I Will Never Forget. Thank You People Of The World That Support I MAN Music. "

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Thou shall not steal are bear false witness. Extortion of Money is a crime punishable by law. Attorney Greg Griffin.

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Reggae Legend Burning Spear Musicially Free. Determination and patience. Self confident Never Give Up Are Give In.

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Music should never be held hostage. I Man Spear protecting My Legacy. Legal Hustlers reap enough of what they never sow.

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"Holy Foundation In The Mountain'.

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  • Margaret Otton
    Aug 30

    Do you think Winston Rodney will ever come to Uk 🇬🇧 to do a concert? I remember his music with the group from back in the 70s. Such lovely music 🎶.
  • Lee Dann
    Nov 12, 2018

    No Destroyer Album .I would just like to know when we are likely to see at last the release of this great album
  • Admin
    May 31

    Let talk Music .